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Solo Exhibitions / INSTALLATIONS 

Holocaust in Contemporary Art; 2014


a centerpiece at Garden of Remembrance

Friedberg JCC, LI, NY; April 2016

INSEPARABLE received the American 

Society of Contemporary Artists honorable

mention AWARD for Sculpture 2015

BLUES (Breaking Away 3) is part of the

permanent Collection at the Hammond

MUSEUM, North Salem, NY; 2011  

In life a single glimpse is never enough…


Lea creates sculptures and reliefs in wire mesh with mixed media as well as bronzes. In her assemblage and Installation Art she is also using reused, found objects and fabric. Wire mesh is her main medium for more than two decades. Her Semiabstract sculptures express emotional interaction, revealing figures entwined together wind around each other like wisps of smoke, portraying Togetherness.


There is a relationship between Strength and Softness in Lea’s work and materials; she is using rigid, sharp, yet flexible wire mesh to create soft forms, along with substances such as concrete, which are soft material becoming hard when dry; One gets the same contrast feeling seeing the wire mesh artworks alongside her bronze sculptures; While the bronzes' entangled structures are solid and multifaceted, the semi transparency of ethereal wire mesh, allows the viewer to see into & beyond the flowing forms… In Lea's artworks emotional layers of past life, dark times in history, lost and pain intertwined with hope and the creation of new life. The essence of red color in her works is the energy of birth, life & pain

Motherhood, Feminism, Human relationships and forms in nature as curves of trees, influence her work, as well as being a daughter of 2 Holocaust Survivors. Lea transformed her mother’s personal stories into Contemporary Art.





pisulea_arrow copy.jpg


NEW STUDIO PISULEA in Israel 2021 

Shvil HaMerets 6 Kiryat HaMelacha Tel-Aviv

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