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(2018) SIZE:  22"x31.5"x4", 

Medium: wire mesh, wires, acrylic paint, powder and glue coating

My life is connected with heartstrings to humans who passed away before I was born...


The wire mesh relief I created is divided to two parts one is expressing a group of people from the past, who are attached to the other side with pain and torn red threads. A frame is embracing both parts in togetherness.


(2013) size: 25”x25”x7” 

Medium: wire mesh, powder coated, mixed media


Diaspora is very emotional mixed feelings of belonging and longing at the same time, living in one place thinking about the other place…

In Surrounded one can see a group of semi abstract humans squeezed together surrounded by dark wave as well as airy wire mesh figures creating a semitransparent frame of ethereal images, feeling surrounded by people from present life alongside the presence of memories and humans from the past knowing they will also be around in the future…





(2005, 2009) Size: 18”x18”x7”

Medium: wire mesh relief on black Plexiglas, wood frame


Togetherness was always a strong motif in my semi abstract sculpture. I start most of my works with one female figure, which evolves intuitively into additional images. My sculptures use the human form to express the emotional interaction between individuals, revealing figures entwined together, as in the wire mesh relief: Entwined. Many of my sculptures are about motherhood and family close connections, describing groups of people cuddling together, you can’t be sure where one figure starts and the other ends or, how many humans there are… 

My mother, Holocaust survivor, came to Israel to build a new family that will remember forever her lost family, dedicated herself to Motherhood; we became a group of mother & 3 daughters Entwined together, sharing our life stories forever.

GROUP women at the concentration camp

(2003, 2010) Size: 33”x24”x8”
Medium: wire mesh relief on aluminum sheet 


In Concentration camps the Nazis broke the family structure, separating Jews into groups of gender. Women became one large group, no matter their age or hometown, they shared the same fears, didn’t know where their family members were or if they will ever see them again; women slept at the same cabin, worked together and got to know each other, connected to strangers that later became their new friends & family; it was important talking to others, sharing memories, everybody needed comfort from a human being at that horrible time when people lost their humanity. The first name of the victims was the tattoo number on fore arm, the family name was: gender- Woman.


(2004, 2010)  Size: 33”x32”4”
Medium: wire mesh relief on aluminum sheet


A semi abstract relief made out of one wire mesh sheet. One female figure is divided from group of three images that are connected to each other. From above, a wave is trying to hold them altogether, even though they are separated, those who were left behind and lost their families will always stay together in the spirit and memories.

I am haunted by my mother’s story of the last day with her family; imagining the mother, standing on one line embracing her youngest daughters (6 and 12) gazing towards the other side, at her older daughter (18) a moment of heart breaking Motherhood and Separation


(2003) Size: 22.5”x 16”x 3” 

medium: wire mesh on clear Plexiglas 


A semiabstract relief made out of one flat piece of wire mesh depicting a small group of human figures that are giving each other strength through their bond

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