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(2009, 2010) Size: 23x 17.5x 17.5inch
Medium: Wire mesh, powder coating, paint, glue

Wire mesh figures wind around each other as wisps of smoke, describing a struggle among genders. The male figure appears stronger and more realistic. The airy silver female is multiplied into a group of abstract flowing figures. As women do one task, their thoughts wander to other ‘jobs’ that need to be done for those surrounding them. The image of a red embryo at the woman’s feet, symbolizes her children’s existence in each path she walks in life, as well as the continuity of generations forward. Men and women are different, but manage to work it out in a better way nowadays.




(2011) Size: 26x13x23inch

Wire mesh, steel, powder coating and paint 


A semi abstract sculpture, created out of one flat sheet of wire mesh. At first glance one sees an inseparable group of people cuddling together, emotionally connected. A man’s shadow (black wire mesh) is holding, from the back, a woman that is leaning on him; on second view she is growing to be central, an independent, fertile woman, evolving to include additional figures from both sides of her body, images of the next feminine generations. On front, beneath the mother and her daughter, there is a hole, into which we see a red flowing shape; Red color for me is the energy of birth, life and pain. The back of the sculpture is open wide; the red, abstract creature is floating inside - a red stream of life. The semi transparency of the ethereal wire mesh, allows the viewer to see into and beyond the flowing forms…



(2011) Size: 18”x11.5”x18”     

Medium: wire mesh and mixed media


Wire mesh sculpture of a future family. Embracing couple is sitting connected as one body. Through the semitransparent wire mesh we view a red round shape inside the woman’s body. The back of the sculpture is open, peeking inside, one can see the red shape is embryo lying comfortable inside his mother to be, half covered by wire mesh lace flowing ribbon. The pregnant woman is connected to her inner creation.


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