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A woman artist is a mother in her essence, she is constantly giving birth to her new creations (sometimes it takes even more than nine months…) She is a part of a very big family- the Art world. For some women artists it is difficult to separate from her new “baby” born.

Many of my sculptures and reliefs have touched the motherhood theme with a motif of Togetherness, that is the relationship that my mother, Paula, shared with her 3 daughters until her last day of life. The Separation of a mother from her children or a child from his mother left a void, but their spiritual connection is inseparable. 



(2011) Size: 33”x24”x4”
medium: wire mesh w mixed media, metal frame


A double meaning: Mother gives the gift of life to her newborn, and the newborn is her gift for life. A ribbon of blood stream is wrapping the gift package of Motherhood that comes with pain and love mixing together. The child is outside his mother but still attached staying connected forever surrounded by wrappings of emotions. The mother is developing motherhood feelings and relationships with her baby even when he is still inside her body as embryo. He will be her “baby” even when he’ll grow up, also after having his own family, and his own babies, the moment of giving birth and life to a human being is an unforgettable miracle



(2010) Size: 33”x24”x6”
medium: wire mesh w mixed media on aluminum,
metal framed 


The embryo’s food is from the mother’s blood, and after birth it is her nursing milk, both supplied from the mother’s body; everything the baby needs he can get from his mom.

I created internal organs you can see through the semitransparent wire mesh female body, two embryos are outside her body connected with cords, a red one connected to the belly bottom and a golden one to the nipple, the two mother’s food suppliers. Even when the baby is out of his mother’s body he is still a part of her when MOM will not be around anymore, she still will be with her child- inside her child’s heart.



(2003) Size: 30”x19.5”x4”

medium: wire mesh on steel


This relief was inspired by one of my life model drawings of a big woman with huge breasts, her body seems like permanent pregnant, and one can easily imagine her nursing two babies at the same time. After life drawings on paper, I decided to draw her body also on a wire mesh sheet, using my fingers as pencils… later I included ‘Life Drawing’ in the creation of: “Mom’s Food”


(1998)  Size: 25x25x5inch

medium: wire mesh on clear Plexiglas


Wire mesh relief hanging on a diamond shaped clear Plexiglas.

On first view we see a woman’s body emerging from between the folds of her dress.

On a second look we find out that her hands and legs are actually part of the folds.

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