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(Oct. 2011) size: 21”x25”x23”

Medium: wire mesh, steel wires, powder coating, paint, black Plexiglas

A Mother- Daughter emotional connection is inseparable from before the daughter’s birth and after the mother’s last breath on earth. 
Here, my mother’s body is empty and ethereal as the wire mesh material and her family surrounds her; A male figure holds my mother from the back (my father, who passed away before, pulls her towards him), a lying figure is mourning (as my mother was very sick)
The red image is me- wanting to be back inside my mother’s womb, refusing to let her go. 
Red color for me is the energy of birth, life and pain. Expressing my feelings through art was very positive for me; after completing Inseparable, my spirit was lifted by realizing that spiritually my mother will always be a part of me. 

My mother passed away on January 2012, three months after I completed this sculpture.

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