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On the wall 18 blue grid squares with letters and numbers, shadows are part of the installation;
the grid squares remind a prison’s windows in contrary
to their blue color, representing freedom.
On each one of the first 9 squares is a letter from the word: A-U-S-C-H-W-I-T-Z, shaped by electric wires covered by red plastic, as well as metal chains and broken metal hangers. 

On top of 6 squares is a semi abstract headless figure, holding its four limbs onto an open metal frame stimulating questions such as: is he trying to escape? Is he being tortured? Is he still alive? On top of the 3 other squares are the numbers: 1944 - 1945 - 5874

Below is a second group of 9 squares, with letters of the word: B-I-R-K-E-N-A-U shaped by large red pipe cleaners burned & painted, each letter is cut by a straight line of barbed wire, behind each letter is a metal hanger wrapped with steel wires. The last grid square is blue mixed with red paint with the word “Pavilion 8”  and the number 5874 written by pipe cleaners.

My Mother was held in AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU from 1944 - 1945, the No. 5874 was tattooed on her forearm; she was working at Pavilion No.8 sorting clothes of the victims. Hangers are a symbol to those clothes that once belonged to human beings that didn’t survive. 

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