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(2007) Size: 23.5x18x5inch

wire mesh, metal hanger, powder coat


After the Holocaust, marriages were a reason to keep sane, having a partner they can bind their life with and live together during the present towards the future, but nothing would
erase the past, the discreet shadow that accompanied the survivors for infinity. 

Bound- wire mesh relief on metal hanger.
A couple standing close to each other, their 

heads are touching, creating the visual sign of infinity; on second sight we realize that the woman’s body is actually
two figures, one is sitting, the other standing, like being in 

another space, at the same time staying attached, closeness and distance mixing together, living in the present with the presence of past within.




(2011) Size: 23.5x18x5inch

wire mesh, metal hanger, powder coat


Losing someone important in a human’s life brings the people left behind into an emotional togetherness.
The habit in Judaism is: “sitting Shiva”- a person is sitting 7 days after a funeral of close relative, visitors are coming to show sympathy and honoring the dead.

Grief- a semi abstract wire mesh relief on a metal hanger,
a lifeless figure is spreading a straight hand to one side
while her head is pulling heavily to the other; the gown on front is shaped by group of figures embracing each other
in sorrow. Grief was created while my mother, Paula, 

was very sick; it connects to universal theme of dealing
with feelings related to death.





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