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(2011) Size: 17x 8x 10inch
Medium: Bronze

(2009)  Size: 20x 14x 15inch

Medium: Bronze



(2009) Size: 11.5”x 12”x x7”
Medium: Bronze


My sculpture express group of humans embracing each other in close connection, it can relate to relationship among family or friends, also connects to the emotional gathering during the funeral, the Shiva and afterwards…


Close Connection

(2008) Size: 15x 12x 13inch

Medium: Bronze


The sculpture Close Connection represents motherhood.
The son is created out of his mother’s body a recall of biblical Eve’s creation out of Adam’s rib.

The mother’s breast is also the son’s head, so they are one body, inseparable


(2008) Size: 11.5x 9x 9.5inch

Medium: Bronze


(2004) Size: 14.5x 13x 13.5inch

Medium: Bronze


Where Do I prefer to be?

Where To My thoughts are leading me?

I am here and there

My thoughts are everywhere

Two Facets

(2003) Size: 18x 17x 10inch

Medium: Bronze


In life a single glimpse is never enough…
Front and back views are very important to understand
the essence of my bronze sculpture Two Facets,
where one side is more feminine and the other appears
to be more masculine


(2003) Size: 24 x 10 x 17inch

Medium: Bronze


At first sight one can see a seated woman, from the side -a couple, united together as one body.
Facing the front, you find a baby or a child, the whole family in one piece of bronze.



(2001) Size: 14 x 15 x 18inch

Medium: Bronze


Viewing the front, one can see two figures sitting very close to each other,

Mother and daughter, unwilling to disconnect the umbilical cord,

It could also represent any relationship between two human beings.

From the side view a third creature emerges out of both

a symbol of infinite connection

She Tree

(2001) Size: 17x15x12inch

Medium: Bronze

Foot Loose

(2000) Size: 32x 13x 14inch

Medium: Bronze


You can view a different face on each side of this semi
abstract sculpture.

The figure looks like a dancer in an impossible pose,

Looking carefully, you’ll discover her leg is flowing up to the chest, no belly in between…

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